Meant to Be Episode 4: The Fall

“This is fucking dumb,” James complained and flopped onto my living room couch, “Ain’t no reason I can’t smoke outside.” “The Muses said it was our job to fight destructive influences; drugs definitely fall into that category.” Pam turned from looking out of the window. “Haven’t you smoked before?” “Not the point.” James took up every cushion, wouldn’t move, I slid onto the couch’s shoulder … Continue reading Meant to Be Episode 4: The Fall

Meant to Be Episode 3: The Plan

After the insanity at the fair and Pam’s fireworks, we’d all fallen asleep on the hill. I remembered everything in exact detail but I was comfortable when I woke up, too much so, opened my eyes to my bedroom, tried to move but found myself tucked underneath a blanket prison like I’d asked someone to do it. While wriggling free I heard laughter, my mother’s … Continue reading Meant to Be Episode 3: The Plan

Books as entertainment

I asked my best friend what he thought went between the cover of books, he looked at me, annoyed I had the audacity to ask (he never reads), then said, “Some dick’s thoughts.” Figuratively, sure, he doesn’t haven’t to be wrong, but I bet he had no idea he was literally right. The beauty of books is that the author chooses everything that goes into … Continue reading Books as entertainment

Meant to Be Episode 2: The Fair

James and I used the start of the summer to fill our heads with nonsense; his preferred form was smoke, mine online articles, both served as equal wastes of time. One day he mentioned he knew a girl who had a crush on me through school; Pam and I went on a date that was awkward, pointless, was going less places than a two-time felon … Continue reading Meant to Be Episode 2: The Fair