You Don’t Know How It Feels

Listen to the story's song before reading “You just can’t.” My dad said as I finished wrapping white tape around his gargantuan knuckles, “Not until you take a hit yourself.” I finished, dropped the hand to grab his left, started to wrap at the edge of one of the many bruises that colored his flesh.... Continue Reading →



Listen to the story's song before reading There was a mean old lady that lived in the apartment downstairs. The farthest she would ever go from her home was her porch where she would sit and smoke long cigarettes that looked like her fingers. She acted nice, said hi to me and my sister whenever... Continue Reading →

Skit #2

Listen here Poetry from song lyrics. I got burn holes in my hoodies all my homies think it’s dank Up on melancholy hill How did it end up like this?   I wake up every evenin’ With a big smile on my face Ain’t no rest for the wicked Sugar we’re going down swingin’.  ... Continue Reading →

Swimming in the Flood

Listen to the story's song before reading Clanging came from far away, I was alone for the moment; I stretched my body, pushed out a yawn. “You know it being talked about already doesn’t make it any less significant.” Her words came from the other room, were followed by pounds up the stairs, “Now that... Continue Reading →

Steal My Sunshine

Listen to the story's song before reading I stood to the left of the store’s automatic doors finishing my third cigarette in a row; I’d rather risk cancer than go shopping with my girlfriend. It’s not that she took long, it’s that she didn’t take her wallet. I’d say she was lucky to have me... Continue Reading →

Kickstart My Heart

Listen to the song before you read the story One of the wildest nights of my life happened because I stood still in a rainstorm. I should explain; the drops were 20’s, 50’s, & 100’s, and in appreciation of the rare weather –I was at a club that wasn’t filled with strippers- I looked for... Continue Reading →

Skit #1

Listen here Poetry from song lyrics. This is how it starts Two lovers in the dark On the blackest plains in hells domain We watch them as they go “There is always sweet in sour” So we, are not, goin’ home. You never thought I’d make you smile While I’m smackin your ass and fuckin... Continue Reading →

Heavy Stuff

  If lost is what you’re looking for there’s no better place than the library; the shelves are the perfect hiding spots and the atmosphere is quiet enough to mark the location of any interruption, inside everything is easily avoidable. I didn’t want lost though, my search was for an employee and I simply ended... Continue Reading →

Meant to Be

Most authors hide their first books; I published mine, realized how much more it could be, redid the story then released it for free. You can read it here. Episode 1: The Speech Episode 2: The Fair Episode 3: The Plan Episode 4: The Fall Episode 5: The Session Episode 6: The Review Episode 7:... Continue Reading →

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