Books as entertainment

  • “…at the time sex was nothing more than a 3 letter sequence that my eyes skipped over but there I was reading words credited to one of the most infamous nymphomaniacs in American history like gospel. “

The dynamic nature of lexicons

  • “Look outside, find a trunk with branches, leaves and such- that’s a tree, right? That makes sense, that’s fine, but who the fuck made that call? You don’t know because it doesn’t matter; what does is the message.”

The Reading Problem

  • “Reading was respected because it was the first way we figured out to make knowledge last longer than us; now that EVERYTHING is digital, recorded, accessible, is there a need?”

The relationship between rappers and celebrity authors

  • “Celebrity authors ceded their place at the front of society to rappers.”

Serialization’s place in literature’s past & present

  • “Serialization can succeed today if an author commits hoping for the right things.”