Symphonic Literature

Symphonic Prose and Poetry (you aren’t supposed to have heard of it, I made it up) is literary writing for today. A style centered on metatextuality and bound with brevity.

Collections of Symphonic Literature consist of stories synthesized from songs, and poems scrapbooked together from song lyrics. The stories, the bulk of any collection, are written for the reading to align with song length.  The poems, each a page, serve as thematic dividers for the stories; they are not an explicit beginning, middle, and end, but guide the reader through the experience in a similar manner.

To fully experience Symphonic Literature, listen to the related material before, during, or soon after reading.

My Mixtape (2018)

Jam Session (2019)

Ringtones From The Radio (2020)

Music From The Microcosm (2020)

Sonata Macabre (2021)

Ear Worms (2021)