Foot Notes

Foot Notes, the seventh collection of symphonic literature, is about the form itself. The stories, poetry, and essays justify the style, explains its origin, detail emergent mechanics, and more.


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Symphonic literature is literary writing for today. A style centered on metatextuality and bound with brevity.

Collections of symphonic literature consist of stories synthesized from songs, and poems scrapbooked together from song lyrics. The stories are the bulk of any collection, and the poems, each a page, serve as thematic dividers for the stories; they are not an explicit beginning, middle, and end, but guide the reader through the experience in a similar manner.

To fully experience symphonic literature, listen to the related material before, during, or soon after reading.

“…the systematic repetition of the forms of the past is not only absurd and futile, but that it can even become harmful: by blinding us to our real situation in the world today, it keeps us, ultimately, from constructing the world and man of tomorrow.”

Alain Robbe-Grillet, The Use of Theory

“…there is a beyond to the literary technique…a new orientation to art and to esthetic language – a new awareness of the writer’s responsibilities…”

Edouard Morot-Sir, The ‘New Novel’

“Intratextual writing could appear as the dysfunction of quotation: the quotation applied to itself, inside a book, in such a way as to constitute refrains which proliferate indefinitely…sometimes extends to an entire book, which is then no more than a series of music variations on a limited number…”

Anne Clair Gignoux, The Rewrite – Forms, issues values. About the New Novel.

“The fondness for making a display with mere manual dexterity, ennobled by no worth in the subject is too natural…The law of the Thebans commanding the artist to only make copies if more beautiful than the original, and never under pain of punishment less so…This was no law against bunglers…It was, in fact, a law against caricature.’

Gotthold Ephraim Lessing, Laocoon

“Be crazy dumbsaint of the mind”

Jack Kerouac, Rules of Spontaneous Prose

“…images of this kind analyze without disassociating; they describe character, but, at the same time, hold fast to the unity of personality without splintering it to fragments in trying to seize the secret of its integration.

Writing of this order, charged with symbolic overtone, piercing through the cumbrous mass of naturalistic detail to express the essence of character in an image, is the antithesis to what we are accustomed in the novel.”

Joseph Frank, Spatial Form in Modern Literature

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Shania Twain – That Don’t Impress Me Much, Melanie – Brand New Key,  Counting Crows – Big Yellow Taxi, Meek Mill – Dreams and Nightmares (Intro)

Black Dresses – Creep U, Sublime – Doin’ Time

Manfred Mann’s Earth Band – Blinded by the Light

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones – Impression That I Get


Dead Kennedys – Cesspools in Eden, Disturbed – Down With The Sickness,

Idlewild – Collect Yourself, Earth Wind & Fire – Let’s Groove, Trillzee – Drug Store,

 Iron & Wine – Flightless Bird

Funkadelic – Can You Get To That

Dylan Brady – Key of C

-Da Coda-

Mac Miller – Angel Dust, fun. – Some Nights, Saxon – Wheels of Steel

One Republic – Secrets, Dead Kennedys – Chickenshit Conformist

Lauryn Hill – Everything is Everything

Third Eye Blind – Semi-Charmed Life

Zach Sherwin / Watsky – No E