Shiny Happy People

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‘Being born is free, but we still pay to live. The drive to buy is in our D.N.A at this point. People and labels, newborns and nipples; Glow-motions are an extension of instinctual connection.

Yes, there’s a million theories on emotion out there. I don’t know which is right – probably none of ‘em – I picked Plutchik cause it’s simple; the top layer, anyways. See, the more complex something is, the less likely people are to buy it – so we stick to eight, simpler than counting on your fingers. 

Orange is happiness because it’s my favorite color but also because of orange juice in the morning – before you brush your teeth, of course. Anticipation as yellow – sunrise, of course. Surprise is green – the color is bright, shocking sometimes. Blue is ew – disgust – funny, right? Heartbreak equates to sadness – red. Purple fit fear as it’s on its way to being dark. Trust is white cause clouds can’t lie – I’m serious – and anger is grey – means a storm is coming.’

  • Creator of Glow-motions during investor meeting

‘Glow-motions are here to stay – people – and I’m one of them – love being able to express ourselves to the world. Every time I think of the world before, how dull it all used to be, I go red. Every time.’

  • National News Anchor during nightly broadcast

‘Now more than ever we find ourselves equipped to stop violence before it happens. Data shows a direct link between those who commit the terroristic offenses our nation is currently plagued by and the usage of the grey glow-motion. I personally was not surprised to find the link; through my professional experience I’ve found those more prone to express their anger continually seek new avenues through which to do so. By recognizing the warning signs, and addressing them as a whole, by discouraging anger as a response, we may be able to put a dent in our problem.’

  • Excerpt from Attorney General’s report on public health

‘If you really pay attention to what he’s sayin’ – and mind you he can’t actually say what he’s sayin’ – it’s a 1-2-3 typa’ deal – people who hurt others are angry, simple as that. We as a people, as a consensus, allow that emotion space to exist. He’s sayin’ what if we didn’t – he’s sayin’ let’s make anger taboo cause without it what’s bad isn’t so bad. All I’m sayin’ – and I can say exactly what I want cause that’s why yinz listen to my show – is if a kid was never exposed to anger they’d have no way of knowing how to be angry.’

  • Podcast Host commenting on AG’s report on public health

‘NO! You don’t ever go gray – I don’t care what they say or do. Wanna get yourself put on a list? No one will talk to you – your friends will be afraid and you won’t be allowed back at school – you won’t even be able to go into stores – this world likes shiny, happy people. Don’t ever forget that.’

  • Purple Mother to Grey Child


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