Jam Session: Outro

Sing a lullaby beside the water...



Eating just the right amount of meth will keep a person skinny for the rest of their life.

Jam Session: Interlude

You reached for the secret too soon,You cried for the moon,Tell me who are youBecause I really want to know.Mr BrownstoneHe’s been knockin’He won’t leave me alone, No, no, no,I used to cryBut now I hold my head up highAnd you see meSomebody new -Forget about him;We’ll have ourselves a ball. Emotional feedback on a timeless wavelengthBearing... Continue Reading →

Skit #2

Listen here Poetry from song lyrics. I got burn holes in my hoodies all my homies think it’s dank Up on melancholy hill How did it end up like this?   I wake up every evenin’ With a big smile on my face Ain’t no rest for the wicked Sugar we’re going down swingin’.  ... Continue Reading →

Skit #1

Listen here Poetry from song lyrics. This is how it starts Two lovers in the dark On the blackest plains in hells domain We watch them as they go “There is always sweet in sour” So we, are not, goin’ home. You never thought I’d make you smile While I’m smackin your ass and fuckin... Continue Reading →

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