Foot Notes : 3 I’s of Symphonic Literature


In this sense, inertia, a continuation of an existing state until acted upon by an outside force, refers to the idea behind writing – the message the writer intends to communicate. Proliferation for its own sake does not art make. Symphonic literature is creative writing synthesized from interpretations of music. The form is accelerant poured on the flames of intention, enhancing both visibility and intensity.


Creativity of any degree is a result of introspection, and makes its creator the center of attention. An X-Ray spotlight giving everyone that walks by a view of what’s inside. Some will be grossed out, some will understand, most won’t care, regardless, art is the creator putting themself out there. Symphonic literature is no exception.


To be immersed is to be submerged, an act only possible, or rather advised, where there’s depth. Try to go neck deep in shallow water, you might die. All artistic creations are their own space to appreciate what’s been created; symphonic literature is designed for dives. The form’s abstract fluidity and metatextual shape encourages readers to explore the source material from the writer’s perspective, which can result in them forming an interpretation of their own, or making a story of their own.

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