Jam Session: Just What I Needed

No one wants to accept that the person that they are would not put up with the person that they are.


Jam Session: Devil Inside

Joe spent every moment of his missing something but never figured out what.

Statement Of Intent 12/4/2018

Hello all, I hope you're as happy as I am to be here; exciting times to be reading the words I'm writing. Finishing Entropy, my last book, got me so excited for the future of my art that I didn't bother making much noise about what I'd accomplished; it was step one down a hill... Continue Reading →


Entropy is about the dissolution of order, a book without a genre meant to be experienced at a confusing time in the reader's life. I've pledged to donate one copy for every five that sell.   The first two were already claimed; I'm always looking for ideas on where to donate next. --- Preview Entropy... Continue Reading →

Heavy Stuff

  If lost is what you’re looking for there’s no better place than the library; the shelves are the perfect hiding spots and the atmosphere is quiet enough to mark the location of any interruption, inside everything is easily avoidable. I didn’t want lost though, my search was for an employee and I simply ended... Continue Reading →

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