The Moon Is Gone

I’m no stranger to phenomena in the sky – meteor showers, single shooting stars, an unexplained purple light but never a lunar eclipse – not before tonight – from down here it seems like the celestial is on an express route through time – I’ve witnessed every phase of the moon through my window – it’s cold outside – snow swirls around down from lazy thick clouds lingering in front of the show – I take it all in though – embrace the mystery – keep watch – streetlight illumination seems wrong when it’s the only separation from total darkness – everything is jaundice yellow – sickly – the snow glows the same color as the moon and now I realize the magnitude of what’s happening – the moon we knew is gone – spent – disintegrating right before our eyes and this delayed winter storm is made up of what’s left – interstellar debris carried to our planet by a cosmic breeze – this cloud cover is no coincidence we all know the government has weather machines – there’s top-secret construction happening in the stars – humans and the aliens from Area 51 have a factory inside of the Sun to produce replicate planetary bodies – it’s still hot when it first comes out – glowing red – Blood Moon for appearances only – control of the tides was long ago switched to a man in Kentucky too busy betting on horse races to realize he has control over everything – anyways the snow has settled – the constant wind outside only shifts what’s already there – I caught a glimpse of the old moon a second ago – only a sliver left – I’d like to experience true starlight glory – see what the sky could be without a ball of wax in the way – if my astronomical aspirations are ever realized I’ll spontaneously combust and achieve total synchronization with the heavenly bodies – doesn’t seem like I’ll become a martyr tonight – the absolute zero of space had no problem cooling the Blood Moon to white – my hope that it’ll crack is dashed when more clouds show up – the sky returns to black – my world remains yellow – for now immolation is out of my reach.

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