Meant to Be Episode 6: The Review

James had wanted to check what’d already been written; I’d been locked in my room since. “Don’t be dramatic Eddy.” Pam said before another bang on my door. “Yeah,” James chimed in, his voice further away, “Neither one of us really care.” A slam at the end of that sentence, then, “The fuck, does your Mom hate you? Only snack in your fridge is bologna.” … Continue reading Meant to Be Episode 6: The Review

Meant to Be Episode 3: The Plan

After the insanity at the fair and Pam’s fireworks, we’d all fallen asleep on the hill. I remembered everything in exact detail but I was comfortable when I woke up, too much so, opened my eyes to my bedroom, tried to move but found myself tucked underneath a blanket prison like I’d asked someone to do it. While wriggling free I heard laughter, my mother’s … Continue reading Meant to Be Episode 3: The Plan

Books as entertainment

I asked my best friend what he thought went between the cover of books, he looked at me, annoyed I had the audacity to ask (he never reads), then said, “Some dick’s thoughts.” Figuratively, sure, he doesn’t haven’t to be wrong, but I bet he had no idea he was literally right. The beauty of books is that the author chooses everything that goes into … Continue reading Books as entertainment