Telephone Game

Sleep is a lie – we lay next to our phones in wait of a ring – pseudo rest gets us through the motions – insincerity – we care enough to try our hardest but that isn’t the same as caring – everyone’s a stranger in a somber setting – meaningless introductions empty promises uncomfortable hugs – a game without a winner – hyperbolic sadness – dishonesty when there’s no reason to lie – the person we care about is dead who’re we really trying to impress – bad acting and smiles too soon – smug survivor superiority surfaces as lectures – the more familiar we get with the fact that we’re around and they aren’t the more it feels like that the split was made for a reason easily explained – it’s comforting to make sense out of what seems to be a random and awful event and there’s the bonus of absence –  the subject of the theories is no longer around – there won’t be any testing of hypotheses – whoever’s left gets to be right – the deceased’s name is whispered down through a mile long line of people all wearing the same sad mask on sale at Wal-Mart – telephone game – who the person was is not what comes through at the end.

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telephone game

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