Loose Change Tranquility

Crumpled paper on the floor – tuneless hum of a house – beeping zits in every room – dead batteries – no charge for serenity – shattered – Humpty Dumpty yolka dots – pockets of sound too full – peace of mind one of many possessions that slip – that’s pennies anymore – loose change tranquility – plenty to be had for those that don’t mind the occasional kick or sniff of grime – gumption and time net a weighty fortune – a fortune in weight – whatever way its put doesn’t matter, inflation has deemed the tokens worthless – those who wish to keep up with the ever sprinting cost of living can ill afford to waste time collecting coins – stopping is apparently fatal but wait – watch as they run past – the unquestioned pace of society leaves more for the mortals – those who know they will die are dead already and therefore have nothing to fear from death – only dogs bark at their own reflection  – see that Sol’s shine outlines even the simplest objects into significance – to appreciate is to pause – true difficulties are self-imposed restrictions – we are indisputably part of the Universe in which we exist but cling to identities that make us separate entities as well – unnecessary complication – the consciousness paradox – a hybrid engine running off equal amounts of gas and electricity – bodies the renewable resource, personas the idiosyncratic fossil fuel that pollute the atmosphere with bullshit when ignited – combustion is the way of things but precious metals don’t burn so easy.

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