Fly Came In Window

Fly came in when I opened the window to smoke – landed on my pile of coke, hasn’t stopped buzzing since – already bulbous eyes gotta be near bursting – supersonic speed like it’s first name is Dragon – Mr. Miyagi couldn’t close his hands around this mythical creature – 24 hour life span? Nah, legends never die – unforgettable drive-by – bullet spray BZZZZZT – someone take me to the hospital I’ve been hit – victim of circumstance, prisoner of war – if I pinched off its wings the little fucker’d annoy me from the floor – lesson learned through experience – there’s a chance this one is here for retribution – that would explain the targeting – I am the merciless giant that sits at the entrance to untold riches, a lumbering terror mentioned to maggots as a boogeyman – my face the menacing presence in their trash-can darkness – they mature into dreams of slaying me and I sympathize will all dreams, even those I cannot let succeed – beside reflex I harbor no ill will – the carcasses decorating my sill are not intentionally left examples of conquest, I’m just lazy – this fly is too loud to be a listener – I’ll have to try and communicate through body language – stay still – fight the urge to swat at the personal space invader even if it explores my body – anyways, the featherweight pitter patter is more of a tickle than pain – if I avoid the overreaction I might even be able to make a life seem meaningful – emulate death – that the fly will understand – victory needs no translation – the fly will explore the rest of my house and a few seconds of peace of mind will be my compensation.

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