My mind moves at the same speed as the universe no wonder I can’t keep up – constantly expanding boundaries just to fit in more empty space – what set off this breakneck pace – my claims of hate for the rat race? Is this the midst of karmic justice – unlikely that my ego is that important but it is cordoned – will and intention forever separated from mind, lightyears behind – really time and distance – how do I fix this and what if I can’t – chasing myself has turned my life sideways – can’t stop everything from falling out – radioactive – combative – always tired it takes energy not to frown – it’s the way my face sits – doling out reactions is gearing a stick shift and I never learned – stuttered movement and a harsh grinding sound – in my ineptitude I drown – too deep now to come up quick in the darkness I must sit – bright light appears – the scars all over my body – experience tells me it isn’t hope but an angler fish anticipating prey – not today – onwards and up – ocean spray and brine left behind I rise, fly – restart the pursuit of my mind trying not to think about how I wasted all that time – can’t cry – impossible in space especially now that I’ve resumed the pace – hyperspeed – always try my hardest but if unity is never achieved I can’t keep myself company what will become of me – lonely defeated scrap hauled around in the back of a truck until whoever’s driving needs a buck fifty and that’s all I’m worth, penny for pound.

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