Listen to the story's song before reading “Help me…” I groaned; no one was around to care. I sat at a table outside the library, but with the way the story I was working on was violating me I may as well have been bent over. Up to then writing had been an escape, the... Continue Reading →


If I Ever Leave This World Alive

Listen to the story's song before reading My death was painless, quick, but the afterlife is a pop-up ad, inescapable. I think I remember looking one way but not the other, maybe the blow of a horn, definitely the thud of my body and CRACK of my skull against street. Even though I could think... Continue Reading →


Listen to the story's song before reading ‘Ya’ll have knocked her up.’ It was either the words that woke me up or the walls of my house shaking. Everything was dark, still again, but a murmur as confused as me drifted through the screens in my windows; I went outside expecting the same calm, starry... Continue Reading →

Steal My Sunshine

Listen to the story's song before reading I stood to the left of the store’s automatic doors finishing my third cigarette in a row; I’d rather risk cancer than go shopping with my girlfriend. It’s not that she took long, it’s that she didn’t take her wallet. I’d say she was lucky to have me... Continue Reading →

Kickstart My Heart

Listen to the song before you read the story One of the wildest nights of my life happened because I stood still in a rainstorm. I should explain; the drops were 20’s, 50’s, & 100’s, and in appreciation of the rare weather –I was at a club that wasn’t filled with strippers- I looked for... Continue Reading →

Heavy Stuff

  If lost is what you’re looking for there’s no better place than the library; the shelves are the perfect hiding spots and the atmosphere is quiet enough to mark the location of any interruption, inside everything is easily avoidable. I didn’t want lost though, my search was for an employee and I simply ended... Continue Reading →

Meant to Be Episode 3: The Plan

After the insanity at the fair and Pam’s fireworks, we’d all fallen asleep on the hill. I remembered everything in exact detail but I was comfortable when I woke up, too much so, opened my eyes to my bedroom, tried to move but found myself tucked underneath a blanket prison like I’d asked someone to... Continue Reading →

For Two

"Trust me, it's gonna be good." I didn't know if I'd lied or not, it was my first time at the restaurant as well. I'd bet on the fact that my girlfriend liked to try new food, well that, and her inexplicable tendency to put up with my mistakes; rare were the moments that either... Continue Reading →

Storm Symphony

It'd been dark when you started but you had to get where you were headed at some point. You're wearing the right clothes but your choice doesn't matter, the rain pounds hard, relentless, soaks through. This early out, turning back is still an option; you can go home, strip, and crawl under the covers until... Continue Reading →

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