Meant to Be Episode 3: The Plan

After the insanity at the fair and Pam’s fireworks, we’d all fallen asleep on the hill. I remembered everything in exact detail but I was comfortable when I woke up, too much so, opened my eyes to my bedroom, tried to move but found myself tucked underneath a blanket prison like I’d asked someone to do it. While wriggling free I heard laughter, my mother’s … Continue reading Meant to Be Episode 3: The Plan

Family Recipe

“More garlic.” Dad demanded from across our small kitchen; his arms could’ve spanned the length but he’d agreed to let me help him make the sauce. I’d asked how babies were made. “Gotta’ cover the bottom of the pot.” Peeled cloves in hand I ducked under his elbow, deposited them on the cutting board. He went to work with the knife; we had enough garlic. … Continue reading Family Recipe


I was clean before college. Home meant soap on the dish, laundry that did itself, and my parents laughing as they scrubbed linoleum. Sometimes I’d join and the cleaning effort would turn into a splashy bleach fight; we never got it in our eyes or mouths, only everywhere else, and after, when everything shone and smelled as badly good as gasoline, was my favorite way … Continue reading Bust

More than Anyone can Chew

The door slammed behind us, shut out the shine of the day. “What is this place?” “Nursing. Home.” I said between gasps. “We’re safe here?” I shrugged, but there was no power, lights, for Bobby to see me by. “You think everyone is…” “Probably dead, man,” My breath had returned to normal but heart still pounded, hadn’t gotten the memo, “Everyone here was close before … Continue reading More than Anyone can Chew


Dundant and chalant aren’t words. The addition of Re and Non is necessary for their respective legitimatization; this exercise in language calls for the abandonment of traditional grammar. Exodus from narrative structure. That leaves the beginning of this as the end, end as the beginning – slap and dash to dash and slap and so on until the end of the reader’s attention span. Space after … Continue reading ReNon

Hours in the System

  Sometimes people knock on the door and it’s good, but there are also incidents, much more common, where the opposite is the case; the disturbance happens at 10 at night and the people responsible, two women, enter without asking, eyebrows raised in disgust, breathing solely from their mouths as if the stale cigarette smoke and slightly overpowering scent of dirt that children were raised … Continue reading Hours in the System