2 years ago…

Meant to Be is my first book.

At the time of its release I thought I had things figured out, that I was on the road to success; not huge or career-making levels, but buzz-generating at the least. I even got this interview, felt it a huge deal.

In short, I thought shit was sweet.

Fast forward to now, only two years later, and though I’ve written three more books nothing is the same, not even the name I publish under. I’m not ashamed of Meant to Be; it’s my first real commitment, and the first accomplishment I ever felt proud of. That being said, I also know what I had in mind for the book, and that it failed to live up to my expectations.

I’ve learned to live with that.

To a point. But I’ve gotten better, and I’m now capable of delivering the story that I thought I was at the beginning of my career.

I’m re-editing Meant to Be, and as I do so I’ll post the updated version on my site for free. It’s the right thing to do, the only way to show proper respect to a book that’s ultimately about the love of reading.

The original is, and will remain, available for purchase. I don’t expect anyone to read it for anything other than a laugh, or possibly educational (what not to do) purposes; the new version, though, that’s gonna be worth everyone’s time.

First bit releasing on Monday, September 4th.


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