Review: The Social Contract

This book would hold the elevator door open for you, but not if you needed the exercise from the stairs.


Review: The Dueling Machine

The story of an invention that gives opposite sides of a dispute the chance to settle issues through a shared-dream scenario.

Statement Of Intent 12/4/2018

Hello all, I hope you're as happy as I am to be here; exciting times to be reading the words I'm writing. Finishing Entropy, my last book, got me so excited for the future of my art that I didn't bother making much noise about what I'd accomplished; it was step one down a hill... Continue Reading →


Entropy is about the dissolution of order, a book without a genre meant to be experienced at a confusing time in the reader's life. I've pledged to donate one copy for every five that sell.   The first two were already claimed; I'm always looking for ideas on where to donate next. --- Preview Entropy... Continue Reading →

Steal My Sunshine

Listen to the story's song before reading I stood to the left of the store’s automatic doors finishing my third cigarette in a row; I’d rather risk cancer than go shopping with my girlfriend. It’s not that she took long, it’s that she didn’t take her wallet. I’d say she was lucky to have me... Continue Reading →

Meant to Be

Most authors hide their first books; I published mine, realized how much more it could be, redid the story then released it for free. You can read it here. Episode 1: The Speech Episode 2: The Fair Episode 3: The Plan Episode 4: The Fall Episode 5: The Session Episode 6: The Review Episode 7:... Continue Reading →

Meant to Be Episode 10: The End

The Muses disappeared, left us with the sound of a keyboard, my story typing itself in my room plus a locked knob that was hot to the touch; we’d tried busting through but the thin wood had proven tougher than stone. “At least you’ll be famous.” James shrugged, blew smoke out the window like I’d... Continue Reading →

Meant to Be Episode 9: The Reveal

Pam and I had been sitting in dead silence on our phones, corpses in coffins, when James burst through the door and slammed it shut with his back. “Thought you forgot about us.” I said then let my eyes fall back to what I’d been doing. “That’s dumb.” He forced himself into the space between... Continue Reading →

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