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‘Ya’ll have knocked her up.’ It was either the words that woke me up or the walls of my house shaking.

Everything was dark, still again, but a murmur as confused as me drifted through the screens in my windows; I went outside expecting the same calm, starry night that I’d left but instead found all my neighbors screaming at each other in their pajamas.

I didn’t have any friends on the block but from what I was able to overhear, which was a lot, they’d all felt and heard the disturbance as well; some had even been awake for an entire speech, said the beauty and truth of the words had moved them to tears. What the fuck had I slept through?

The situation was strange enough to disregard familiarity, I was on my way to ask someone what was going on when one hand, a second, then a third pointed upwards; my eyes followed their direction to the sky, rather, the moon that’d filled it. It was the  horizon, close enough for my eyes to identify craters, my first thought was that it was crashing into the Earth but if that was going to happen, I reasoned, it would’ve already.

I figured I was gaining a hold on the situation until the moon opened its mouth; moonrocks dislodged from the split and became instant shooting stars, their burning in the atmosphere highlighted the black of the moon’s mouth even more, inside darker than eternity, space itself.

Its mouth shifted, more rocks burned, I doubted anyone was looking up wishing; a rumble went through the ground. ‘It’s going to speak again!’ The pajama party went into an uproar, everyone panicked at each other in different ways; what’d happened to all of the people in the coastal cities?

‘The dinosaurs were the first guardians of your planet.’

 I sat down so the earthquakes wouldn’t make me fall.

‘They resisted the temptation within your rock, lived naturally, off of and with the land. The evil being which my people have imprisoned inside your planet,’

Steve from next door fired his shotgun into the ground, looked up to see if he’d pleased the Moon; the lady who lived across the street was packing her car; I was calm, to me things were just starting to make sense.

‘Brought the asteroid that ended them for they were unprepared; your people would be, but have no need to fear such a fate.

For your kind has worked with the evil, used the remains of the first guardians to heat the planet, incubate, weaken the walls of its prison.’

People had replaced the arguing with paralytic acceptance. I didn’t see any headlights coming my way on the street, highway was the other way, so I turned my attention back to the moon.

‘My people believe all life deserve a chance, but let it be known; humanity is nothing but slaves and creations of pure evil. What we imprisoned was not strong enough to break the planet; you people were.’

Houses started falling, holes opening up before there was ground; still I watched.

‘The only reason I am telling you is because all life deserves a chance.’

The Moon shrunk, disappeared; I wasn’t offended. When lava shot up from the new cracks in the Earth I ran.


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