If I Ever Leave This World Alive

Listen to the story’s song before reading My death was painless, quick, but the afterlife is a pop-up ad, inescapable. I think I remember looking one way but not the other, maybe the blow of a horn, definitely the thud of my body and CRACK of my skull against street. Even though I could think through what had happened, go back as far as my … Continue reading If I Ever Leave This World Alive


Listen to the story’s song before reading ‘Ya’ll have knocked her up.’ It was either the words that woke me up or the walls of my house shaking. Everything was dark, still again, but a murmur as confused as me drifted through the screens in my windows; I went outside expecting the same calm, starry night that I’d left but instead found all my neighbors … Continue reading Maggotbrain

You Don’t Know How It Feels

Listen to the story’s song before reading “You just can’t.” My dad said as I finished wrapping white tape around his gargantuan knuckles, “Not until you take a hit yourself.” I finished, dropped the hand to grab his left, started to wrap at the edge of one of the many bruises that colored his flesh. “C’mon man, you saw to it that I got my … Continue reading You Don’t Know How It Feels

Swimming in the Flood

Listen to the story’s song before reading Clanging came from far away, I was alone for the moment; I stretched my body, pushed out a yawn. “You know it being talked about already doesn’t make it any less significant.” Her words came from the other room, were followed by pounds up the stairs, “Now that Tropical Storm Passion is a hurricane everything is different.” I’d … Continue reading Swimming in the Flood

Kickstart My Heart

Listen to the song before you read the story One of the wildest nights of my life happened because I stood still in a rainstorm. I should explain; the drops were 20’s, 50’s, & 100’s, and in appreciation of the rare weather –I was at a club that wasn’t filled with strippers- I looked for the source. While everyone around me lost their shit I … Continue reading Kickstart My Heart

The dynamic nature of lexicons

Impressive words have their uses but often times shorter, more commonly known words work better to get a point across; to that effect, the amount of characters in the title of this article probably scared off a quarter of the potential readers. Their loss. Recently, but really throughout my life, I’ve encountered a type of complaint that seems especially useless: people upset at others for not using real … Continue reading The dynamic nature of lexicons