Quantum Questions

Quantum questions concern us all – if to observe is to disturb life is disruptive to the serenity of the universe – beings that separate themselves from simply being stretch away from the oneness at the heart of it all – our tendency toward desire is subconscious obfuscation – though wanting only ever leads to complications we never stop – making things difficult for ourselves is a must – the obstacle course lifestyle is not to be questioned because it trains muscles we like to show off – nothing makes our glory glisten quite like the oil of commercialism – cut into whatever shape then showed off we act as if achievement is our only achievement – worth means value but not values – unchecked ambition – the thoughtless and continuous pursuit of discernible gain is akin to hugging a hologram – grasping at what seems to be there but isn’t explains the lack of satisfaction – there’s none to be had once a person goes looking – perception catalyzes differentiation our minds create boundaries that separate the universe into the world we’re familiar with – accepting that even our personalities and feelings are illusory constructs allows a meaning space to take hold among all the nonsense – being – I think it really is that simple – a purposeless purpose – existence – conceptualization is the true original sin – atonement is only possible through a realization of oneness – break down the bias of belief and do not replace – empty space is as sacred as life – dividing makes no sense to those who aim to become whole – a person that accepts that they are the universe is in total control.

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