Eating just the right amount of meth will keep a person skinny for the rest of their life – turn them nocturnal –  a hunter by starlight incapable of the stealth necessary to stalk anything but their own shadow and that is a predator/prey relationship without a prayer of producing the essentials – sinewy shadow meat is no sustenance to speak of, even if there were blood to drink it’d be tar – too heavy and thick for the drained of color veins to handle – it’d turn manic energy into molasses mooooovement – that doesn’t suit the person – their need for speed is twofold – the master plan in their mind demands constant action – the person has to do something with the energy bubbling beneath their holier than average skin but no matter how much they pick it won’t flow out on its own – the person knows that surrender is their only chance at relief – submission to the substance is a dance with chaos is in the lead – a rough partner that exerts control over every part of the person’s body – by the end of the routine it’s clear to everyone, yes even the person, that it’d been the performance of a puppeteer – we always look down on marionettes but they just do as they are told – life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are all in the mind as well as temporarily in the possession of the person – as far as setting and achieving goals I’d say the person actually does better than most – the person wants to get high everyday and the person does while functionals fail to go to the gym, are too scared to ask for a raise, or to say something to someone they hate – from the person you won’t hear a complaint – just a request for forty-two cents outside the corner store – even if you refuse help the person will find their way to where they’re always going – the best part of the person’s personality is their willingness to take the stairs – all they want to do is go up and they don’t care if they run out of breath doing so – the person is at least passionate about something.

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