Meant to Be

Most authors hide their first books; I published mine, realized how much more it could be, redid the story then released it for free. You can read it here. Episode 1: The Speech Episode 2: The Fair Episode 3: The Plan Episode 4: The Fall Episode 5: The Session Episode 6: The Review Episode 7:... Continue Reading →


Meant to Be Episode 9: The Reveal

Pam and I had been sitting in dead silence on our phones, corpses in coffins, when James burst through the door and slammed it shut with his back. “Thought you forgot about us.” I said then let my eyes fall back to what I’d been doing. “That’s dumb.” He forced himself into the space between... Continue Reading →

Meant to Be Episode 6: The Review

James had wanted to check what’d already been written; I’d been locked in my room since. “Don’t be dramatic Eddy.” Pam said before another bang on my door. “Yeah,” James chimed in, his voice further away, “Neither one of us really care.” A slam at the end of that sentence, then, “The fuck, does your... Continue Reading →

Meant to Be Episode 4: The Fall

“This is fucking dumb,” James complained and flopped onto my living room couch, “Ain’t no reason I can’t smoke outside.” “The Muses said it was our job to fight destructive influences; drugs definitely fall into that category.” Pam turned from looking out of the window. “Haven’t you smoked before?” “Not the point.” James took up... Continue Reading →

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