Looking for something to get lost in?

Wanna think about something other than football, or tomorrow? Read the 1st episode of Meant to Be here. The 2nd releases Tuesday, September 12th. If that doesn't get you going, try one of my short stories; the two I'd recommend for today are Random Thought Rain Drops and Family Recipe. Happy reading


Storm Symphony

It'd been dark when you started but you had to get where you were headed at some point. You're wearing the right clothes but your choice doesn't matter, the rain pounds hard, relentless, soaks through. This early out, turning back is still an option; you can go home, strip, and crawl under the covers until... Continue Reading →

Family Recipe

“More garlic.” Dad demanded from across our small kitchen; his arms could’ve spanned the length but he’d agreed to let me help him make the sauce. I’d asked how babies were made. “Gotta’ cover the bottom of the pot.” Peeled cloves in hand I ducked under his elbow, deposited them on the cutting board. He... Continue Reading →

More than Anyone can Chew

The door slammed behind us, shut out the shine of the day. “What is this place?” “Nursing. Home.” I said between gasps. “We’re safe here?” I shrugged, but there was no power, lights, for Bobby to see me by. “You think everyone is…” “Probably dead, man,” My breath had returned to normal but heart still... Continue Reading →

Two for Five (Extra Zen)

“He said he could take Jordan in a one on one.” The stranger said and my two friends in the circle scoffed. “Saw a simulation of the two, it was close at first but Jordan obviously won. Cool little thing but even his old ass now would beat the dude.” My friend W- coughed out.... Continue Reading →

Random Thought Rain Drops

My mouth was dry but the weather wasn’t, hammered onto my hood as I power-strutted from where I’d been towards home. I’d needed a haircut for a while, my mop didn’t fit under the hood attached to my sweater, or anything less than an umbrella; I angled my head to the ground, compliance is the... Continue Reading →

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