Statement Of Intent 12/4/2018

Hello all, I hope you’re as happy as I am to be here; exciting times to be reading the words I’m writing. Finishing Entropy, my last book, got me so excited for the future of my art that I didn’t bother making much noise about what I’d accomplished; it was step one down a hill steeper than I’d ever anticipated. The beginning of my momentum exists in Entropy, I recommend reading it now because as time goes on it will be harder and harder to catch up.

My writing evolves alongside my mind, an organ I develop through imaginative exercises and frequent forays into the written worlds of others. Looking back from now I can see this has always been my way, but I only recently became aware of my habits, and because of my discovery I find now to be the perfect time to magnify my efforts.

Now, instead of simply reading any obscure book I find, I will review it as well. My opinion is not as important as the added understanding that comes with transferring thoughts and experience to paper; there is also the benefit of more people being exposed to more books than they would have been otherwise. Though acquiring it can be painful, knowledge never hurts. I’ll be releasing 2 reviews this week to start, then 1 for every week after.

The reviews will continue through the New Year but will do so with the company of my next project Jam Session – Stories From Sounds – 6 stories and 3 poems, all inspired by songs from before 1995 (the year I was born.) 

And after that we’re all gonna Get Lost.

Fun times ahead.

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