Jam Session: Slow and Low

A person only survives the danger they create for themselves by knowing what they are capable of.


Jam Session: Halfway Point

If it isn’t clear by now the stories and poems that make up Jam Session are far from traditionally structured - they benefit from additional context.

Jam Session: Interlude

You reached for the secret too soon,You cried for the moon,Tell me who are youBecause I really want to know.Mr BrownstoneHe’s been knockin’He won’t leave me alone, No, no, no,I used to cryBut now I hold my head up highAnd you see meSomebody new -Forget about him;We’ll have ourselves a ball. Emotional feedback on a timeless wavelengthBearing... Continue Reading →

Statement Of Intent 12/4/2018

Hello all, I hope you're as happy as I am to be here; exciting times to be reading the words I'm writing. Finishing Entropy, my last book, got me so excited for the future of my art that I didn't bother making much noise about what I'd accomplished; it was step one down a hill... Continue Reading →

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